Jason Foreman


Oct 24, 2009 » OCUnit XML File Output

In the world of Mac OS X programming, OCUnit reigns supreme as the unit testing library of choice. Apple has put a great deal of work into ensuring that OCUnit is tightly integrated into the standard development workflow with Xcode. Unfortunately many other tools–such as continuous integration servers or test metric tools–expect test output in an XML file, typically in the format of the jUnit output from the Java Ant build tool. OCunit does not provide xml file output by default, but adding support for it is quite easy.

Jan 12, 2008 » Run Ruby Script Automator Action

In a recent blog post, Jonathan Wight unveiled a custom action for Automator which can run Python code. His code uses PyObjC to allow the action to take advantage of all the Cocoa goodness that comes with it. While I am doing more Python work these days, my heart still belongs to Ruby, so I was compelled to respond with a Run Ruby Script action of my own.


29 Dec 2007 » Loadable bundles using RubyCocoa